Focused on the preservation of forests and the craftsmanship of Danish traditions, PP Møbler’s philosophy has always been to use locally found wood to provide quality, long-lasting designs.Founded by brothers Ejnar and Lars Peder Pedersen in Lillerød, PP Møbler became a conservatory of knowledge and enthusiasm for quality craftsmanship and innovative design. The company’s commitment to crafting designs of the highest quality have resulted in a collection of products that are constantly improving, all made under exclusive license with the designer and the product to ensure each order is crafted according to the designer’s intentions. Not only durable but also aesthetically attractive and functionally relevant, PP Møbler relies on nature and trees to create truly timeless designs. Central to PP Møbler’s success has been the collaboration with Hans J. Wegner, who inspired innovation and experimentation to constantly unlock the wonders of natural materials. That’s why the company continues to focus on natural materials over synthetic ones, always striving to produce products that have no negative impact on the environment. As the only raw renewable material, the use of wood is instrumental in the company’s mission to be sustainable.

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