Tub Chair


by PP Møbler

Conceived in 1954 by designer Hans J. Wegner, the Tub Chair proved to be Wegner's most advanced shell chair design. Crafted from a complicated double bent shell, the chair is made using two individual shapes; one that is bent and one that is bent plus twisted. Practical and comfortable, this unique design merges the moulded plywood technique with upholstery and traditional woodworking. A metal angle adjustment mechanism at the back further demonstrates the chair's functionality and Wegner's innovation. 

Made to Order

This product is made to order with a range of material, sizing, and upholstery options. Request a quote to get started.

Shipping: Waitlist

Width: 34.6"

Depth: 35"

Height: 40.6"

Seat Height: 13.8"

This product is made to order with a range of material and upholstery options. The pricing listed here is reflective of this piece's starting options. 

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