Swivel Chair


by PP Møbler

Designed at the full limit of what's possible, the Swivel Chair has been crafted to provide optimal ergonomics. The top bar is crafted from solid wood and twisted like a propeller. The inspiration for this chair was in response to Egill Snorrason's critique of Danish design's tendency to ignore ergonomics. Snorrason pointed to Wegner's Cow Horn Chair as a good example of proper ergonomics, which was taken into consideration when designing this piece. 

Made to Order

This product is made to order with a range of material, sizing, and upholstery options. Request a quote to get started.

Shipping: Waitlist

Width: 29.1"

Depth: 21.7"

Height: 26"–28.3"

Seat Height: 15.7"–18.1"

This product is made to order with a range of material and upholstery options. The pricing listed here is reflective of this piece's starting options. 


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