Originally a gallery that displayed furniture pieces as art, Asplund has grown into an international design and interior company, offering functional and timeless designs that celebrate Swedish heritage. Founded by brothers Michael and Thomas Asplund, Asplund was originally a gallery that exhibited furniture as objects of art. The duo combined the idea of art and design into a fresh idea that changed the way furniture was seen. By experimenting with the contrasts of natural elements with new surfaces, Asplund discovered their design concept that would become their signature in the world of design. With every detail carefully considered, each piece from Asplund has been designed with special attention to its functionality, aesthetics, and materials. Asplund's philosophy is that the design should be enjoyable to use and look at for as long as the piece lasts. The company's Swedish heritage believes that a piece of furniture should age beautifully with the owner for a lasting and timeless design that can seamlessly blend into any interior.

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