Founded in 2016, Eikund started with a mission to reintroduce iconic Norwegian furniture designs from the 1950s and 1960s to interiors everywhere. Based in Norway, Eikund has become the home of some of the best Norwegian furniture designs from masters such as Fredrik A. Kayser, Torbjørn Afdal, Sigurd Resell, Sven Ivar Dysthe, Torbjørn Bekken, and Arne Tjomsland. Established in 2016, the company takes its cues from the breathtaking nature around them to produce furniture pieces that are sustainable and long-lasting. Each design at Eikund is carefully considered through material sourcing to manufacturing solutions, ensuring the company creates the least impact on the environment. With sustainability at the core of Eikund’s values, each Norwegian classic has been reinterpreted in a way that honors the original design while simultaneously considering the environment. This is achieved through excellent craftsmanship, high quality materials, and partnerships with companies who align with their values toward a better, sustainable future.

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