Ry Dining Chair

$2,999.00 - $3,521.00

by Eikund

Eikund's Ry Dining Chair celebrates its true craftsmanship with its solid wood construction. The eye-catching detail of a wooden connection between the backrest and the horizontal leg stretcher adds visual appeal to your dining space. The comfortable upholstery and modern style makes this piece a 1960s classic. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 16–20 weeks.

Width: 22.8"

Depth: 23.2"

Height: 31.9"

Seat Height: 18.7"

Crafted from oak with oiled, white oiled, soaped, smoked stained, or black lacquered finish or walnut in an oiled finish. 

  • Textile 1 & 2: The number one content in our standard textiles is wool, between 87-100% of its composition. Wool is a natural, long-lasting fibre and is a fast renewable material since the sheep can be sheared multiple times.
  • Spectrum Leather: semi-aniline leather
  • Soft Leather: aniline leather

Designed by Sven Ivar Dysthe.

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