Fourth generation run Sibast Furniture has dedicated itself to continuing the design legacy of their grandfather, Helge Sibast, by reintroducing his iconic wooden furniture designs that date back to 1908. Dating back to 1908, Sibast Furniture began with Helge Sibast and his journey with carpentry in the countryside of Denmark. With strong roots in the Danish Modern movement of the 50s and 60s, Sibast’s functional furniture quickly gained an international reputation–finding its way into the hands of the Pope in Rome and into the White House. Sibast was rediscovered in 2013, when Ditlev Sibast and his wife, Anna, decided to continue the family legacy by reintroducing and refining the iconic furniture from Helge Sibast. Since then, the fourth generation of the Sibast family has committed themselves to bringing their Danish Design heritage to life with furniture pieces that carry the same attention to craftsmanship and quality as their ancestors while also bringing new perspectives to their design legacy.

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