Piet Hein Dining Armchair

$536.00 - $686.00

by Sibast

Embracing the superelliptical shape, the Piet Hein Dining Armchair brings an organic aesthetic and ultimate comfort to your dining space. Designed by Piet Hein, the harmonious geometric shape creates a visually balanced piece with its slender, dual curved veneer shells. The continuous steel tubes on the back of the chair lend to its graphic silhouette while infusing the design with dynamic elegance. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 12–16 weeks.

Width: 19.7"

Height: 28.9"

Seat Height: 17.7"

Crafted from oak with oiled, white pigmented lacquered, or black lacquered or lacquered walnut veneer. Base is black steel or chrome. 

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