Kiam Cabinet A

$11,760.00 - $13,170.00

by Zanat

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, the Kiam Cabinet A from Zanat features unique architetural supports, creating interlocking leg endings with horizontal support beams. The hand-carved pattern on the cabinet doors add depth, tactility, and sophistication to any space. The cabinet's thick doors open to an intricate interior that has been designed for bar storage. 

Please note, a basic interior without the bar-fitted interior can be purchased upon request. The interior can also be further customized. Please contact to order. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 8–12 weeks.

Width: 39.3"

Depth: 23.6"

Height: 70.8"

Crafted from black stained maple, walnut, or Zanat pigmented cherry.

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