From a small village craft to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the wood-carving techniques perfected and preserved by Zanat were discovered in a village near Konjic where Gano Nikšić first stumbled across it. Founded more than a century ago by Gano Nikšić, Zanat's origins began with a primitive wood-carving technique discovered in a small village near Konjic. Learning this technique from pioneer wood carvers, Nikšić soon perfected it and collaborated with furniture producers to exhibit hand-carved furniture at international fairs. Soon the Konjic woodcarvers' furniture gained the interest of the industry, exhibiting work at some of the most significant exhibitions such as the "Hungarian Millennium" exhibition in Budapest in 1896, the Brussels Internationl Exposition in Vienna in 1898, and the Expositon Universelle in Paris in 1900. These skills were passed down through the Nikšić family, expanding and growing into a reputable export business that spans more than four generations. In December 2017, the Konjic wood-carving technique largely preserved by the Nikšić family was inscribed onto the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. While the company has seen many forms and evolved through the years, Zanat continues to stay true to its heritage while collaborating with Scandinavian designers to breathe new life into the UNESCO listed hand-carving technique.

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