Unna Lounge Chair

$2,436.00 - $2,779.00

by Zanat

Zanat's Unna Lounge Chair features elegant lines that have been specifically designed to impart softness and comfort to a chair crafted entirely from solid wood. The chair's complex, sculptural shape is a celebration of the craftspeople and engineers at Zanat. The hand-carved patterns on the backrest individualizes the piece and brings a tactile expression to any space. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 8–12 weeks.

Width: 24.5"

Depth: 26.5"

Height: 28.5"

Seat Height: 15"

Crafted from black maple, wenge maple, white oiled maple, white oiled ash, oiled ash, white oiled oak, oiled oak, or oiled walnut. 

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