Wind Down With Our Self Care Shoppe

December 15, 2020
Wind Down With Our Self Care Shoppe

As we're inching closer to the end of the year, the gift of relaxation or stress relief is one of the best to give to yourself and others. So we're bringing you our Self Care Shoppe filled with in-stock favorites ready to ship wherever, don't forget this is the last week to order any gifts we have in-stock to get them by the 24th (we recommend ordering by 12.17). These apothecary picks are all-natural, plant-based, and small-batch, like Mater Soaps that cure for three weeks in Brooklyn and our best-selling towels washed by hand in a spring to ensure softness.

For the sink upgrade

Sonos Soap Dispenser

Somehow there's a collection of products that end up on everyone's sink seemingly out of thin air. If you're aiming for the ultimate shelfie and reducing some of the bottles you display, the Sonos Collection by Blomus is a sleek minimal option. Give your most beloved hand soap or cleanser a home with the Sonos Soap Dispenser, or once and for all, stop trying to fit your toothbrush into those prebuilt holes that are always too small and use the Sonos Tumbler instead.

For an abstract textile

If you teeter between wanting a graphic bathmat or just one that's comfortable, the Pile Bath Mat meets you right in the middle with handwoven tufted loops and color-blocking. Gifting a piece of Ferm Living will make you the coolest in town.

For luxurious bathing

Lattice Linen Towels

Softer than soft and quick-drying, just like classic Lattice Towels, but the linen version is even thinner! If you're not hip to why these are bestsellers, all Kontex towels woven on traditional, low-speed machines to achieve a softness that modern machinery can't produce (modern machines would break the very soft, fine threads!). These Japanese Towels are a small luxury to gift into anyone's routine.

For organic moisture 

Amenity Kit

It's cold in the Northeast, and all the sanitizing is ruining any moisture-barrier we once had. An easy choice for anyone right now is to gift them a helper for three key places that need extra love: the hands, face, and lips! Hyaluronic acid, peptides, and collagen are jam-packed into this each all-natural moisturizer trio we've trusted for years.

For holistic body-care

Holy Hand and Body Soap

One of our favorite scents ever is the Holy Hand and Body Soap by Mater Soap –– it's not too feminine, not too earthy, and leaves the body subtly perfumed. The blend of lavender, palo santo, and patchouli is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and made with 100% organic and sustainably harvested plant-based ingredients. Plus, the bottle is made from post-consumer plastic.

For tired hands

Frama Hand Lotion

Frama's apothecary line is truly some of the best and another scent we just can't get enough of. The collection was inspired by a historic pharmacy in central Copenhagen called St Pauls Apothek, which is ironically now a very popular bar. Pair the soap with the lotion and breath in sandalwood, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang.

For all-day aroma

Teak and Neroli Candle

Fazeek Candles, we simply can't even begin. No other candle brand creates a multi-room scent or fills an entire apartment as they do. You always worry that a candle smells fragrant out of the box but won't transcend once it's lit, but this is a pleasant surprise. While we have a few favorite scents, the sweet/spicy combo of the Teak and Neroli is a great pick for the winter months. Use the terrazzo container for any tumbler needs after you're done.

For modern makeup

Pond Table Mirror

Inspired by the movement of water, this organically-shaped mirror is the table version of the beloved Pond Mirror. It detaches from the stand so you can hold it in your hand or display it on a shelf, bringing a Scandinavian touch to any 2020 glam.

For natural exfoliation

Charcoal Body Scrub Towel

If you've been obsessed with the benefits of dry brushing or exfoliating, this towel will take your practice up a notch. Binchotan Charcoal is blended into the fibers, helping absorb odor and excess oils from the skin with both a soft and coarse side.

For candle collectors

Emma Lantern

We have every color available from our friends at Eldvarm, and we love how they use the same materials from their fireside tools on this portable companion. For the person who collects candles, tapers, tea lights, step up their game with a timeless piece.

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