Hibi Deep Incense Matches Gift Box- Cedar Wood, Ambergris, Oakmoss


The Hibi Deep Incense Matches Gift Box features an assortment of three deep fragrances: cedar wood, ambergris, and oakmoss. Part of the Deep Collection, the incense provides a slightly more pungent perfume when burning. This gift box includes one box of every scent with eight incense sticks in each. The burning time is approximately ten minutes with the scent lingering for about thirty minutes or more. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 1–2 weeks.

 The incense matches should not be struck as if you're lighting a regular match. Hold the match near the tip and strike in a straight line without burning yourself. Wait for the flame to reach the incense stick and blow out the flame, placing it on the provided burning mat. If you strike too hard and it breaks, safely light it with a lighter. This is not a common occurrence and happens when the match is struck too hard. 


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