Dew Table Lamp


by Woud

Portable and versatile, the Dew Table Lamp from Woud is flexible enough to work as a table lamp or wall lamp. With a dimmable feature, change the mood of your space's lighting for a moody, inviting illumination.

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 2–3 weeks.

Width: 13.4"

Depth:  7.9"

Height: 5.9"

Opal glass shade. Crafted from black painted ash or white pigmented oak. USB-C charging cable included. Lasts up to eight hours fully charged. Chargeable LED 2,5W/3000 kelvin/160 lumen. Dimmable switch on base for up three levels of illumination. 

Designed by Saif Faisal. Made in China. 

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