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Established by life-long friends Kat Hammill and Danielle Armstrong, Night Space was conceptualized and created in the Hudson Valley, New York. 

Kat Hammill is a creative entrepreneur, designer and mother whose personal and professional endeavors have informed her aesthetic point of view. Warm, inviting, minimalism that's translated from her work to her home.

Danielle, a fellow New Yorker and mother of 3, brings extensive experience in business communications having managed a computer consulting firm for over 10 years. Always inspired by creativity of the home design world, she shifted gears into sales and marketing.

Night Space honors a day's smallest gestures and life’s biggest events, and is truly a manifestation of the duo’s shared experiences and memories. Together they create scents that make you feel good about your space, and make guests curious to ask questions as soon as they walk in. 

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