Cast Sconce


by Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen's Cast Sconce echoes back to the familar and simplistic form of plumb weights that masons and carpenters have been hanging from lines since ancient Egyptian times. Featuring a graphic expression, this sconce mimics age-old design while also establishing its own distinct identifying components. This dimmable sconce comes with a diffuser, allowing you to get the perfect ambient lighting into any interior. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 3–5 weeks.

Diameter: 4.7"

Height: 7.7"

Cast aluminum lamp with brushed brass arm. Diffuser is PC. Lamp cannot be adjusted once attached to the wall. Please ensure the correct angle shade before mounting. Plug-in out of the box but wiring allows easy reconfiguration to hardwired. In-line on/off switch on cord.

Designed by Tom Chung & Jordan Murphy.


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