Audo Copenhagen has been formed from the uniting of Menu, by Lassen, and Icons by Menu to create a new brand that reflects Danish design and global ambition. Constantly evolving and expanding, Audo Copenhagen’s collection of high-quality furniture and purposeful lighting designs are a testament to their pursuit of long-lasting connections and meaningful partnerships. A space to celebrate their Danish roots, Audo Copenhagen fosters creativity and communal innovation. With a cultivated collection of iconic furniture and lighting, this design brand will now officially house minimalist design and Scandinavian classics all under one roof by uniting Menu, by Lassen, and Icons by Menu. Fused together by a modern aesthetic and common goal of high-quality global design, Audo Copenhagen creates a place of design excellence. Share in the legacy of the renowned Lassen brothers and their Danish design classics such as The Tired Man and Kubus, or discover work by contemporary talents from all over the world as well as Scandinavian masters. Audo Copenhagen seeks to push the boundaries of design and redefine how we use space.

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