Z Rack

$2,676.65 - $3,484.15

by Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft’s Z Rack is a sculptural work of art. The vertical supports were designed to vary in depth, creating an optical illusion that varies by the position of the viewer. Facing the rack, it appears that each support beam is perfectly perpendicular to the floor and form rectangles of open storage. However, stand to the side of the rack and it would seem that the supports zig zag in and out, creating trapezoidal storage. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 6–8 weeks.


Width: 37"

Depth: 14.6"

Height: 81.5"


Width: 49.2"

Depth: 14.6"

Height: 81.5"

This product is made using sustainable and responsible wood and is FSC®-certified.

Imported from Belgium.

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