Penguin Upholstered Lounge Chair

$1,416.00 - $1,664.00

by Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen's Penguin Upholstered Lounge Chair possesses an air of serenity and stability. A mid-century modern masterpiece, this lounge chair's low profile and angled seat provides an embracing comfort that is unmatched. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 16–20 weeks.

Width: 22.1"

Depth: 25.2"

Height: 29.1"

Seat Height: 16.5"

Powder-coated steel frame. 

  • Re-Wool: 45% recycled wool 45% new wool worsted, 10% nylon
  • Hallingdal: 70% new wool, 30% viscose
  • Dakar: aniline leather with a transparent wax on top

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