Deeply rooted in Swedish heritage, Kasthall's rugs have been defining interiors across the globe for over 100 years. Established in 1889 in Sweden by Ludvig Anderson, Kasthall has been decorating interiors for over 100 years. From beautiful residential spaces to the Royal Court of Sweden, Kasthall’s deeply rooted Swedish heritage has found success nationally and internationally. In 1901, Kasthall moved its production to their Kinna factory where all of their rugs are designed and crafted still to this day. With many prestigious awards and honors, Kasthall has earned its status by adhering to their crafting principles: original rugs that have been carefully designed to be beautiful, long-lasting, and soft underfoot. The unique, tailor-made rugs produced at Kasthall are skillfully crafted from some of the finest materials, each meticulously brought to life by superior craftspeople and thoroughly examined before receiving a hand-signed label. In order to produce timeless designs, Kasthall strives to not only source the highest quality materials but also to understand the materials used in each rug’s design.

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