Since 1990, Area Bedding has continuously brought style and a new outlook to quality textiles. Their informal yet sophisticated products for the home are rooted in the modern Scandinavian concept of good design for everyday life.All Area pieces are designed by Anki Spets – her creations epitomize the Swedish knack for beauty, simplicity, modernity, and practicality. Spets was a successful clothing designer in her native Stockholm, but after moving to New York, she decided to turn her focus to creating home textiles that had a longer life cycle but were still fashion-forward.Her talent for imbuing her products with both refined design sensibility and a human touch is what makes each collection truly distinctive. The carefully chosen colors, one-of-a-kind patterns, and subtle details are what make each Area item distinct and unique. Even their materials and factories are carefully selected to ensure quality that lasts, committed to only using natural fibers.

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