Sueño Luna Cushion

$144.00 - $285.00

by Que Onda Vos

Designed by Hanne De Wyngaert, the Sueño Luna Cushion from Que Onda Vos has been crafted by hand, creating a unique cushion that varies in color and dimension. Featuring an organic pattern, the cushion is hand-spun from sheep wool for a comfy addition to your space. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 6–8 weeks.


Width: 15.7"

Length: 15.7"


Width: 19.7"

Length: 19.7"


Width: 23.6"

Length: 23.6"

Made from 100% hand-spun sheep wool from local Guatemalan sheep on a foot loom. Feather and down inner is included. Because this product is handmade, variations may occur, making each one unique.

Handmade in Guatemala. 

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