Founded in 1969 in North Carolina, LEE Industries has continued to craft furniture with a focus on high-quality materials and eco-friendly manufacturing. Started in Newton, North Carolina in 1969, LEE Industries was founded by Bill and Dottie Coley in a 7500 square foot factory with a team of ten people. An innovator in sustainable manufacturing processes, the company has expanded from their humble beginnings of wood-based upholstery pieces into creating leather pieces, washable slipcovers, outdoor furniture, and much more. Focused on quality designs and lasting customer relationships, LEE Industries proudly crafts every product in the United States.Crafted for those equally committed to sustainability, all vendors associated with LEE Industries are required to adhere to a code of conduct. The company began eliminating products with chlorofluorocarbons in their cushions in the 1980s. Since then, the environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes started by LEE Industries has laid the groundwork for creating eco-conscious products that anyone can feel good about.

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