Two Small Space Approaches by Studio Fauve

A look into two Brooklyn homes making the most of their space.


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  1. Styling the Picture-Perfect Picnic

    Styling the Picture-Perfect Picnic

    Now that Fourth of July has come and gone, the barbecue has officially been christened for use, it's time for us to properly bask in the humidity once more.They say if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen ... but forgot to add an addendum that says just grab a cheese plate and go outside. For us, it's important to remind ourselves that we can still feel connected to summer when living in a city – as long as we make time for respites. A purposeful pause is a way for you to reclaim your time and curate an experience solely for yourself, or as an intimate practice for you and a few friends. And the perfect way to do so is to unplug, share a meal, and take advantage of a green space.

    We decided the best way to show you some effective picnic styling was to have one of our own.


    • Fabric Napkins – they’re washable and help save the environment
    • Real Plates from the cupboard – they aren't too heavy

  2. Meet our Founder: Natalie

    Meet our Founder: Natalie

    This is the start of a Lekker profile series where we're getting personal with each member of the team. We hope you enjoy getting to know us. The first thing you realize when you meet Natalie is that she listens.She cocks her right shoulder a little higher, rests her glasses in-between her fingers, and wants to know what you have to say – and how you'll say it.

    She'll be the first to tell you, it's people that are the nucleus of both her life and her work.

    Natalie has found herself in creative communities for as long as she could remember. Growing up in Amsterdam with parents that were both creatives, it was only natural that she was surrounded by those who were making, doing, and living effervescently.She's someone who is steadfast in her identity, but never gives up the opportunity to be affected by culture – she still remembers the first Caprese salad she had, at age twelve to be exact: "I thought it was the best thing in the world," she exclaims. That curiosity only

  3. Welcome to the Lekker Creative

    Welcome to the Lekker Creative

    It all started after a husband and wife team (Natalie van Dijk and Curt Carpenter) decided to depart the creative constraints of corporate life. They itched to recreate the experiences that Natalie had in Amsterdam growing up – art, culture, textiles, and utilitarian ideals. So they began to envision what that would look like as a business, as a store, and as a philosophy.

    And in 2003, Lekker Home was born. 

    If you haven't had the chance to meet us yet, our showroom is nestled in the South End of Boston, a small artistic community brimming with designers and small businesses of every kind. Natalie and Curt made a commitment all those years ago to honest and authentic design – and ever since we've specialized in Mid-Century Modern classics like Herman Miller and Knoll and European Design icons like And Tradition and Fredericia, curating brands


Design For Living

Since 2003 we’ve focused on curating brands that embody design ingenuity and craftsman quality, from mid-century modern classics and European design icons to the latest emerging design.


Experience design for living at our flagship showroom located in Boston’s South End.

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Our dedicated Trade Team is here to enhance your projects at every stage, from exclusive pricing to our extensive design portfolio.

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Whether you need help choosing a color palette or creating a floor plan, our Design Consultants will turn your ideas into a reality.

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