Faroe Rug

Starting at $2,000.00

by Armadillo

Like a warm knitted sweater, Armadillo's Faroe Rug artfully weaves together chunky wool using an Indo Nepali technique that is plush underneath your feet. 

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5x8 Rug:

Width: 5'7"

Length: 7'10"

6x9 Rug:

Width: 6'7"

Length: 9'10"

8x11 Rug:

Width: 8'2"

Length: 11'6"

9x13 Rug:

Width: 9'10"

Length: 13'2"

100% wool pile and weft. 100% cotton warp.

Designed in Australia and handmade by artisans in India.

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