Blue Polaire Satin Duvet and Sham Set

$562.50 - $610.00

by Lissoy

Lissoy's Blue Polaire Satin Duvet and Sham Set features a satin weave that provides a luxuriously soft base for your bed. Crafted from thinner yarns, the delicate finish and rich color of this product provides a long-lasting design for layering your bedroom's aesthetic. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time of 4–6 weeks.

Queen Sham:

Width: 20"

Length: 30"

King Sham:

Width: 20."

Length: 38"

Queen Duvet:

Width: 95"

Length: 87"

King Duvet:

Width: 103" 

Length: 95"

Crafted from thin yarns with a high density in a satin finish. Avoid high temperatures and fast spin cycles when washing. Avoid products based on active agents and bleach. Wash seperately to avoid damage from clothing items. Air drying will prolong the life of this product. If using a dryer, opt for a moderate temperature and remove your sheets before completely drying.

Made in Lithuania.

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