Long Bubble Chandelier

$10,700.00 - $21,200.00


PELLE's Long Bubble Chandelier was first conceptualized in 2008, finally coming to life in the Brooklyn-based studio in 2013. Each chandelier is handcrafted, creating the airy bubbles and decorative coiling with precision and skill. The warm character of each lighting fixture creates a timeless classic that will age beautifully with your home. 

Shipping: Estimated lead time 10–12 weeks.

48" Chandelier:

Width: 48"

Depth: 17"

Height: 16"

62" Chandelier:

Width: 62"

Depth: 18"

Height: 16"

80" Chandelier:

Width: 80"

Depth: 26"

Height: 18"

96" Chandelier:

Width: 96"

Depth: 23"

Height: 17"

Hand-blown glass globes with satin brass or polished nickel. Decorative coiling in natural cotton or leather. Incandescent included, LED is available upon request. 

Handcrafted in Brooklyn. 

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