Shiny Citrus Body Wash

Enjoy the scent of fresh citrus and jasmine as you wash. This luxurious body wash with Earth Silk Technology carefully cleanses, hydrates, and soothes your skin.

SACHAJUAN's Earth Silk Technology and has been developed from a patented manufacturing process of Swedish cultivated oats. The loose oat fibre has the ability to penetrate all the way to the skin’s deepest layers, where it stimulates collagen formation to reduce appearance of wrinkles and calm irritated skin. Made in Sweden.

Measures: 10.1 oz.

Aqua (Water), SodiumiLaureth Suflate, CocamidopropyliBetaine, PEG-4 Rapeseedamide,iGlycerin, Parfum, SodiumiChloride, Oat BetalGlucan, PEG-7 GlyceryliCocoate, Sodium Benzoate,iHydroxypropyl Guar HydroxypropyltrimoniumiChloride, Citric Acid,lDisodium EDTA, Linalool,lLimonene, Phenoxyethanol, BenzoiciAcid, Dehydroacetic Acid,iEthylhexylglycerin, CI42051

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Sachajuan Logo

Founded by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind, SACHAJUAN started as one of the hottest hairdressing spots in Sweden and introduced haircare products to their repertoire in 2004 with immediate success. SACHAJUAN's goal is to make haircare uncomplicated with simple, effective ingredients and minimal packaging.

Now carrying body products as well, SACHAJUAN sets itself apart with its use of its patented "Earth Silk Technology", utilizing natural ingredients to create a balance that works harmoniously for any skin type.