Hasami Wood Tray

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The Hasami Wood Tray is the 'must have' component of the Hasami Collection. This solid wood piece corresponds to the entire collection in its various sizes. It can can be used as a tray, lid, serving plate, cheese board, charger or coaster depending on the piece it's combined with.

Hasami porcelain is characterized by simple forms and clean lines that are modern yet largely influenced by traditional Japanese pottery. The handmade collection features slight variations in color and finish for an organic and aesthetically pleasing collection. Items easily stack together for storage or transport. The stacks of pottery in all colors are calming and add an air of serenity to the tabletop. Crafted from a blend of porcelain and clay these pieces offer a tactile dining experience in a muted, matte finish.

The Hasami Wood Trays are sized to stack with all pieces in the collection. Several sizes available. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Mini: 3 1/3" diameter, 7/8"h
Small: 5 2/3" diameter, 7/8"h
Medium: 8 2/3" diameter, 7/8"h

Made in Japan.

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Saikai was founded in 1946 in the Arita and Hasamiyaki region of Japan which is known for its simple yet elegant white and painted colored porcelain.  In 1991 Saikai moved to Los Angeles whereby they introduced the form and function of Aritayaki across the United States.  In recent years they have continued their Japanese influence on American design with their utilitarian home products that aren’t influenced by trends but by centuries of culture.  

Saikai continues to develop original merchandise while collaborating with designers in their native country of Japan.  All their products are made by skilled artisans in Japan.