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Egg Dart Bowl

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Although beautiful on display, the Egg Dart Bowl is perfect for decorative serving (like all McRae products it is food and dishwasher safe). Ringed with a thick band of concentric circles, salad or other prepared foods peek through the cutouts contrasting beautifully with the glaze. Even empty, this bowl's simple, elegant design is the perfect handmade decorative piece for any living space, matching most any decor.

Each piece is hand cast from a master mold using low fire earthenware. In a several day process they are smoothed, prepped, then tooled, carved, and cleaned to achieve the finished surface. They are then glazed and bisque-fired twice.

Available in 2 sizes.

LG: 13"D x 8"H
MD: 11"D x 7.5"H

Handmade in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pictured: Egg Dart Bowl in Yadro

Note: Agean glaze is not food-safe.

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Lawrence McRae is well known for his modern, sophisticated designs that borrow heavily from mid-century modern architectural and design inspirations, which comes as no surprise since he studied both architecture and sculpture while at university.

Each piece is hand made with every detail painstakingly done in his Boston studio. Each item starts as a sculpted prototype. The lamps are created with a master mold while the bowls and vases are hand thrown. The pieces are made of a low-fire earthenware that cures for several days before carving and is then fired, glazed, and then fired one final time. These timeless pieces look great in every home from the ultra modern to more traditional tastes.