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Zuzunaga Logo

"Our mission is to create beautiful products that capture the dynamic nature of contemporary living."

Zuzunaga is a design studio specializing in unique, colorful interior products, textiles and fashion accessories. Founded by artist and designer Christian Zuzunaga in 2007, the studio is based between Barcelona and London.

Inspired by supermodern architecture and global megacities like London, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai, Zuzunaga's designs create a space for human vitality within a digital world. This passion is focused on the pixel, the icon of our time. Zuzunaga combines this modern icon with analog traditions and ancient ideas of being. Zuzunaga believes in quality over quantity and upholding sustainable and ethical ways of working, valuing handmade craft over mass-produced, trend-following products. All designs are produced using the finest materials. While all partnering suppliers and manufacturers promote long term sustainability and growth, both within their own companies and their local communities.