Vitra's Guide To A Home Office Refresh

September 21, 2020
Vitra's Guide To A Home Office Refresh

As working from home gets extended, it's so important to have a space in your house, apartment, or wherever you dwell, that's separate from squeezing your laptop on a vanity or disrupting the sanctity of your bedroom. Even after six months, all of us here still struggle with finding the best space to work, whether it's some mental blockade about valuing your work as worthy of taking up room or you don't know what to do to ease your back pain or help you be more productive. Even the smallest of changes or additions to where you work can make a difference – like a plant with a whimsical pot, a folder organizer, or a dimmable desk lamp.

To help us ease this new problem of compartmentalizing work from home life, we've been pulling some inspiration from the archives of our brands, and today we want to share some finds from Vitra, experts in the longevity of materials, construction, and aesthetics. So we trust them to influence some universality and tradition into spaces while keeping it fun, Vitra is also having a sale on select office designs right now until October 18th.

Here are some Vitra setups to inspire a home office refresh

Designs featured: Fauteuil Direction, Compas Direction Desk

Designs featured: Pacific Chair, Cork Family Model A, Tabouret Solvay

Designs featured: Tip Ton Chair

Designs featured: Rookie Chair, Compas Direction Desk

Designs featured: Standard Chair, EM Table

Designs featured: Uten.Silo, Stool 60

Designs featured: Physix Chair

Designs featured: Fauteil de Salon

Designs featured: A331 Beehive Pendant, Domus Chair, Guérdion Table

Designs Featured: Allstar Chair

Explore more Vitra designs, here. See something you like? Contact us.

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