1. New Space, New Tradition, Same Community

    New Space, New Tradition, Same Community

    When we first started Lekker in 2003, we were one of the first family-run businesses a part of the Washington St revitalization – Natalie and Curt packing boxes at midnight and teaching themselves how to run a business from the ground up. The passion and constant drive to make Lekker a reality all stemmed from the simple desire to bring modern design to the U.S. in a warm and accessible way. They took a chance and succeeded, and became a link in the chain of the South End business community that is stronger than ever in 2019.

    A few months ago, we announced that we were moving to a bigger showroom in the South End to fit our big ideas. And now, we can finally

  2. It's true, more design is coming ...

    It's true, more design is coming ...

    Our dreams and ideas have been pushing boundaries for a while now, so we've been carefully setting the ball in motion for things that are bigger, better, and more authentically us. Just like any good idea needs room to breathe, so does good design. And boy, do we have a lot to share.

    Drum roll, please ... we're opening a new showroom!

    Though we'll be saying goodbye to 1313 Washington St, we're not moving out of the South End – just around the corner to a new home double the size at 38 Wareham St. We needed a fresh space to bring you even more design, but we couldn't bear to leave the neighborhood we know and love. The South End is a community of friends and peers that inspire us, support us, and remain threaded in the fabric of who

  3. Welcome to the Lekker Creative

    Welcome to the Lekker Creative

    It all started after a husband and wife team (Natalie van Dijk and Curt Carpenter) decided to depart the creative constraints of corporate life. They itched to recreate the experiences that Natalie had in Amsterdam growing up – art, culture, textiles, and utilitarian ideals. So they began to envision what that would look like as a business, as a store, and as a philosophy.

    And in 2003, Lekker Home was born. 

    If you haven't had the chance to meet us yet, our showroom is nestled in the South End of Boston, a small artistic community brimming with designers and small businesses of every kind. Natalie and Curt made a commitment all those years ago to honest and authentic design – and ever since we've specialized in Mid-Century Modern classics like Herman Miller and Knoll and European Design icons like And Tradition and Fredericia, curating brands

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