1. The Story behind by Lassen

    The Story behind by Lassen

    Did somebody say Danish classics? A new brand just touched down from Europe to the site in time for summer – by Lassen! We explored their collaborative space with Menu during ICFF, which further ignited our excitement for their pieces to arrive. by Lassen was created to reintroduce Danish design classics of the Lassen brothers, Mogens + Flemming, and their contemporaries. Something that often gets lost in the wash is why it is so important to support authentic design, like the pieces of by Lassen.

    On our side of the fence, we only carry original, authentic designs by licensed manufacturers. In layman's terms, this means we don’t deal with replicas or reintroductions

  2. Meet 42 colors of Danish Storage by Montana Furniture

    Meet 42 colors of Danish Storage by Montana Furniture

    The color is back in the New England soil - flowers are coming out of hiding, aromatics have hit the air, and the gray is in retreat. Dare we say spring? The good creative energy it brings is here, and so is our most colorful brand addition yet: Montana Furniture. Since 1982, Danish family-owned Montana Furniture has taken storage designs to the next level of personalization, with purposeful, wide-ranging colors being the foundation of their design philosophy. Montana was founded and largely designed by Peter J. Lassen, and is now run by Peter’s son Joakim Lassen, the fifth generation of his family to work with furniture and the great-grandson of Fritz Hansen.


  3. Introducing Skagerak

    Introducing Skagerak

    A new brand in the Lekker lineup has just touched down with timeless outdoor furniture, right as the sun is shining a little more consistently in Boston + elsewhere. So obviously, we wanted to give you a proper introduction to each other, especially if you're planning or visualizing a new outdoor setup. 

    And while we're here, if you want to browse all our new arrivals at your leisure, including new Ethnicraft designs, Loll additions, and Gus* Modern releases, head here. For now, it’s time to meet Skagerak. 


  4. Introducing the First Ethnicraft Outdoor Collection

    Introducing the First Ethnicraft Outdoor Collection

    You know, or maybe you don't, that Ethnicraft has been a staple at Lekker for over sixteen years. So we couldn't be more excited to share that their most recent release just in time for early spring is their first outdoor collection! Like all long-lasting wood designs made for the outdoors, each piece is made from solid FSC-certified teak, containing adaptions of some of their bestsellers as well as a few never-before-seen designs. If you're local, make an appointment with us to stop by the showroom because the whole collection is newly on the floor.

    We'll let the designs speak for themselves,

  5. Jewel Glassware by Louise Roe Arrives From Copenhagen

    Jewel Glassware by Louise Roe Arrives From Copenhagen

    Take a mental trip with us. Imagine you’re in central Copenhagen – shopping the best of design, sipping a latte, eating fresh bread and cheese, and in a cool, effortless outfit. You stumble upon a concept store called Louise Roe Gallery, and the rest is magic. Since we can't make the real trip happen for you, we’re so excited to introduce you to a new Danish brand that just touched down on our virtual and physical Lekker shelves.


  6. &Tradition Brings Back Danish Designs from the '50s

    &Tradition Brings Back Danish Designs from the '50s

    Though we're fans of the new, the weird, the reinvented, there's something incomparable about designs that span decades. Pieces that have universal appeal outside of their window in history are their own type of magic. It's why we care so much about authenticity within design – compare it to the expertise of a musician behind your favorite song or the notoriety of a prolific book. Though there are many covers and reproductions, the original piece will always transcend.

    Recently &Tradition decided to re-release designs from Copenhagen-based, Danish design and architectural firm, Hvidt and Mølgaard. Founders Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen were pioneers within Danish mid-century design known for their use of laminated wood and innovations

  7. Ethnicraft Releases Sculptural Side Table Collection

    Ethnicraft Releases Sculptural Side Table Collection

    The successor to the Geometric Side Table is a new collection of like-pieces designed by Ethnicraft designer, Alain van Havre, created from his exploration with geometric shapes and negative space. Every angle creates a different silhouette and aesthetic impact, further illustrating Alain's love for movement. Though each table is unique, they fit together as a cohesive sculptural story, all made from black varnished solid-teak. We can't pick a favorite, but maybe you can help us!

    Cove Side Table

  8. Our Grand Opening Party: End of Zomer Recap

    Our Grand Opening Party: End of Zomer Recap

    Our Grand Opening Party was the finish line in the home-stretch in what has been one of the most hectic years of Lekker to date. We're grateful, we're tired, we have so many people to thank, and hopefully many more exciting events like this in the future. We went through the party full-breakdown on Instagram, but we wanted to make sure we gave you guys a little recap about the all the happenings.



  9. Before and After: Our New Showroom Transformation

    Before and After: Our New Showroom Transformation

    Our 10,000 sq. ft showroom was reconstructed into the space of our dreams over the course of 9 months – we want to show you step-by-step of how we got here, what the process involved, and what we still have up our sleeves for the future. 38 Wareham St at its purest has been a labor of love and dedication, where weekends, early mornings, and thrice-daily coffee runs were our normal for almost a year.To coincide with the move we decided to rebrand, redesigning our logo, as well as updating our color and visual branding components in the process. This meant a huge overhaul of Lekker's physical and metaphorical identity, everything was changing at a rapid pace that we could only keep up with by relying on each other in new ways, and redefining what it meant to be a team.

    This was truly the work of a group of people who care about each other wholeheartedly like family and don't give up no matter what the days bring. Even though we haven't caught up on sleep yet,

  10. Introducing Blu Dot + Lekker Home: A New Pop-up Collaboration

    Introducing Blu Dot + Lekker Home: A New Pop-up Collaboration

    Just when you thought you were done hearing about a new showroom of ours ... we wanted to formally introduce our second showroom, a pop-up in our old space fully dedicated to a brand we love: Blu Dot.

    Blu Dot has been in the Lekker realm since the very early days, and who would have thought many years later we'd have the only Dot Spot in New England (yes, our new pop-up is the only source for Blu Dot in all of New England!). This collaboration is so special to us, as our values and strengths align so well with our friends at Blu Dot. We’ve been working for months and months to make this possible, doing the heavy-lifting alongside everything it took to open our new Wareham St home. ⁠


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