1. 4 Finnish & Swedish Brands Every Scandinavian Design Lover Should Know

    4 Finnish & Swedish Brands Every Scandinavian Design Lover Should Know


    You’ve no doubt heard of hygge, the Danish concept that denotes comfortable living and cozy quarters. Its associated design sensibility has permeated modern decor, and with good reason; interior designers and design aficionados alike appreciate the clean minimalism and natural materials that the aesthetic promises. But don't mistake simplicity for lack of imagination. Scandinavian design, since its emergence in the early 20th century, has long married form and function.

  2. 3 Days in Copenhagen With Lekker’s Design Sales Associate

    3 Days in Copenhagen With Lekker’s Design Sales Associate


    Danish brands and designers have produced some of the most iconic furniture, lighting, and accessories on the market.

    Our Design Sales Associate, Maris, recently took a quick trip to Copenhagen to explore the home of some of her favorite brands.


  3. How To Care for Wood Furniture

    How To Care for Wood Furniture


    With the heart of spring just around the corner, we’re looking forward to more consistent sunny days and blue skies. Hopefully, New England doesn’t betray us with a false spring, fingers crossed. But this fresh weather not only affects our seasonal disposition but also affects the behavior of our furniture, ironically enough. If you have wood furniture, go take a look, you may have noticed some separation appear on the

  4. Choose The Right Carl Hansen Dining Chair For You

    Choose The Right Carl Hansen Dining Chair For You

    If you have some design luck, a heritage piece has come into your life at one point or another. Maybe it was unique nordic dinnerware passed down from your grandma or a one-of-a-kind vintage bureau that you found at an estate sale. But with designs made by Carl Hansen trusted to last for decades, you can be the start of the chain and pass down pieces to a future generation of furniture lovers. The power!

    We thought it was our duty to run through a few of our favorite + bestselling dining chairs in a little more depth if you're looking to change your interior scenery or your design lineage.

    1. The CH24 Wishbone Chair

  5. Wind Down With Our Self Care Shoppe

    Wind Down With Our Self Care Shoppe

    As we're inching closer to the end of the year, the gift of relaxation or stress relief is one of the best to give to yourself and others. So we're bringing you our Self Care Shoppe filled with in-stock favorites ready to ship wherever, don't forget this is the last week to order any gifts we have in-stock to get them by the 24th (we recommend ordering by 12.17). These apothecary picks are all-natural, plant-based, and small-batch, like Mater Soaps that cure for three weeks in Brooklyn and our best-selling towels washed by hand in a spring to ensure softness.

    For the sink upgrade

  6. Eldvarm Bestsellers, Campfire Candles, and More Fireside Gifts

    Eldvarm Bestsellers, Campfire Candles, and More Fireside Gifts

    Like most people as the year wanes, we're combating the happenings of 2020 in the only ways we know how: diving headfirst into leisure activities that soothe us, decorating early for the holidays, dreaming up tablescapes for abridged or solo celebrations, and practicing gratitude for our health. Whether physically or spiritually, we could all use a little comfort and warmth right about now.

    As part of our gift guide collection, The Uniek Edit, the first gift guide we're bringing you to kick off the season is By The Fire, filled with objects that invoke all of the cozy principles

  7. Tips + Tricks for An Anytime Tablescape

    Tips + Tricks for An Anytime Tablescape

    As the colder weather continues to encroach, it has us dreaming about crafting the perfect tablescape for warm nights inside with a home-cooked meal. While limited in hosting dinner parties for the time being, we have a few tips on how to impress those you live with or yourself with an Instagram-able tablescape that will transform your Wednesday night dinner into a delicious and beautiful ordeal. We recently partnered with Janine Maggiore of Grandview Prophouse and a team of incredible women who shot a modern thanksgiving table full of Lekker designs (that we're in awe of). Everyone involved is linked at the end – please support their lovely work!

  8. Vitra's Guide To A Home Office Refresh

    Vitra's Guide To A Home Office Refresh

    As working from home gets extended, it's so important to have a space in your house, apartment, or wherever you dwell, that's separate from squeezing your laptop on a vanity or disrupting the sanctity of your bedroom. Even after six months, all of us here still struggle with finding the best space to work, whether it's some mental blockade about valuing your work as worthy of taking up room or you don't know what to do to ease your back pain or help you be more productive. Even the smallest of changes or additions to where you work can make a difference – like a plant with a whimsical pot, a folder organizer, or a dimmable desk lamp.

  9. Elevate your plant parent game with these 7 designs

    Elevate your plant parent game with these 7 designs

    Since Earth Day is every day for us, we wanted to extend the celebration with a little roundup to honor our planet. With our outdoor adventures significantly reduced, we've been working with a lot of indoor plants. Keeping fresh-cut tulips alive with a penny, reorganizing dried bouquets, growing herb gardens inside – you name it, we're trying it. Succulents, buds we've picked on a walk, and everything in between deserves a vessel that's a worthy companion.

    If you're a new plant parent or have been around the gardening block, we wanted to share our favorite pots and vases for every type of green thumb.

    For the multi-tasker: Ferm Living Plant Box

  10. Your Outdoor Oasis Tool Kit

    Your Outdoor Oasis Tool Kit

    If there's anything we know, it's that there has never been a better time to lose yourself imagining a summer backyard party filled with everyone you love for when this is all over. Ours would have an Aperol Spritz fountain, an array of bright berry pies, and likely involve making clay model interiors (we've been very into this project by Eny Lee Parker). Instead of thinking about your backyard, patio, deck, or porch as the lingering project that will never end, take this time to think about what you need and the summer activities you often indulge in.

    Don't have huge dinner parties or a large family? A dining table that takes up a ton of room won't be your favorite. Don't like to crisp up in the sun? A chaise isn't for you! Beyond being the perfect time to dream up an outdoor scape, we have new

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