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David Trubridge considers himself a "Cultural Designer," one whose designs encourage sustainable living while also nourishing people spiritually and culturally. As such, in the face of all the cookie-cutter, functional design out there that's good for the environment but otherwise lacking in expression, Trubridge's lighting and furniture designs have pleasingly personalized identities that engender pride in one's personal environment and, consequently, the environment of the world in general.

Each design is manufactured on site in New Zealand using sustainable practices throughout the process, from the harvesting of sustainably harvested timber to the use of non-toxic oil-based finishes to shipping each finished piece as a compact kit set for low-energy (and low-cost) shipping. (A beneficial side effect of this practice: Needing to assemble each piece at home makes the owner part of the cultural design process and serves to enhance the bond between the two.)

It's hard to believe that fixtures as large and airy and luminous as the spherical Coral and Floral pendants or the woven, fishing basket-shaped Koura could sprout from such minimal packaging. But so they do. Each assembled piece uses the minimum amount of material to maximum effect, and is classically designed and created with the highest craft standards for maximum longevity.

Designed by David Trubridge. Made in New Zealand.

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